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Guidance to Prevent Adverse Events, Including Mucosal Tissue Injuries, When Using Duodenoscopes with a Single-Use Endcap

Updated guidance is provided to reduce the risks of mucosal injuries and the endcap becoming detached and falling off inside the patient when using a duodenoscope with a single-use endcap.

Sterilization of Duodenoscopes Found to Terminate ‘Superbug’ Outbreaks Other effective measures include returning the endoscope to the manufacturer for servicing.

Measures healthcare facilities have adopted to prevent additional infections after associating use of a duodenoscope with a “superbug” outbreak are discussed in an article recently published in the peer-reviewed journal…

FDA Warns Duodenoscope Manufacturers for Not Completing Ordered Surveillance Studies

March 15, 2018 (1:14 pm) — The three manufacturers of duodenoscopes sold in the U.S. have not complied with the requirements of an order the FDA issued to each in…