Dr. Muscarella is an independent, internationally known expert in hospital safety, infection prevention, and medical device design. During the past quarter century and longer, he has published many peer-reviewed articles and papers on these topics.

Dr. Muscarella has been interviewed by dozens of different news and media sources for his knowledge, perspectives and unique expertise — including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, Al Jazeera America, among many others (see below).

Some of Dr. Muscarella’s national TV-news broadcasts and interviews include:

CNN | NBC’s The Today Show | NBC’s Nightly News with Lester HoltABC World News Tonight | CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley | Wall Street Journal Live | WCNC (Charlotte, NC) | WWL-TV News (New Orleans, LA)

Front-page news articles — Some of Dr. Muscarella’s research and work that appeared in the news in front-page articles:

As The New York Times recently noted about his unique work, Dr. Muscarella is “a health care consultant who scours medical device reports submitted to the F.D.A. and has often been the first to identify infection risks.”

Click here to read a list of some of the safety risks and hazards associated with several different medical practices and types of medical devices that, having not been previously published or recognized, Dr. Muscarella brought to the public’s attention — for the first time.

More of Dr. Muscarella’s perspectives and insights appearing in popular newspapers:

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Case Reviews for Hospitals, Manufacturers, and Patients:  Click here to read about Dr. Muscarella’s expertise and legal assessments of the causes of healthcare-associated infections, including “superbug” outbreaks linked to contaminated GI endoscopes and other reusable medical equipment.

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Download brochures detailing Dr. Muscarella’s healthcare safety and quality services — click here.

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Expert Guidance in the Causes, Prevention of Hospital Infections, Consulting Services, and Case Reviews: Dr. Muscarella, through LFM-Healthcare SolutionsLLC, provides medical expertise for healthcare facilitiesdevice manufacturers and the public, specializing in healthcare-associated infections linked to contaminated reusable medical equipment. Value-oriented advice with years of experience and trust.

Other newspaper quotes (several from front-page newspaper articles):

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Invited “OP/ED” news articles/columns:

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Sharing information is vital to heading off public health threats.” August 8, 2016.
  • The Seattle Times: “Getting at the truth behind hospitals’ published infection rates.” December 5, 2010.

(List is incomplete); Updated: 12/21/2022

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